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Hello everyone San here,

Strength is in the testing of your will to find your dream job

How strong are you?

You are sitting at your desk at work, or maybe school, daydreaming about being somewhere else, with your finger on the button of the mouse to minimize the window before the boss or the teacher comes by. You are more interested in what is going on in the world of Facebook or Twitter than doing the work that has been laid out in front of you. Your job doesn’t excite you any more than watching the grass grow does, but you just don’t know what you can do about it.

You are at the counter of whatever fast food joint that you were pressed into service for because there just are no good jobs for anyone with your skills these days. You are so sick of being at that place that you can hardly look the customers in the eye and smile. You have no sincerity in your voice has you say it one more time “how can I serve you today?”

You hate to hear the alarm to wake you up because that means that the living nightmare you call a job is about to begin all over again and you just don’t want to face it any longer. Your commute to work now is a series of ways that you can find a slower path to get there and when you go home you sit in traffic angry because you can’t get home fast enough.

I know that these scenarios describe many of you, which is why you are here, why you are willing to read my dribble, because you want to know a secret. A secret that really isn’t a secret, it is just that no one ever took the time to tell you or really you didn’t take the time to learn.  Don’t get insulted because I am willing to tell you the truth about how things are.  Instead get busy and change things.

What I have to say isn’t going to be kind, it won’t make you feel like you are right about things, quite the contrary. What I have to say is going to be the truth and maybe, for some of you, it will be the first time you have heard the truth about how things really are instead of how you want them to be.  A lot of times the truth is very hard to hear, when I first was told these things I was upset with the person who said them, then I realized that the person I should have been upset with was myself.

I will not offer you an easy way out, what I have to offer will take massive effort on your part. But I will teach you –


Change comes with great effort and willpower, you won't find your dream job without changing yourself first.

Are you willing to change?

Yes, that is what I am promising you. If you have the courage and the ambition to go through with it, you can have that dream job. Will it be easy, NO! I told you earlier that it won’t be, anything in this life that is worth having is not going to come easy or cheap.

I will promise you this, it will get easier each and every day that you decide that you are going to fix what is wrong and discontinue what has brought you to this point.

Sounds harsh, but that is what life is, harsh. The difference between what the way the world treats you and the way I will treat you is that I care about what happens to you. I want the best for you, I want you to succeed, to achieve, to be the brightest star amongst the stars.

You ready to start?

Since you are still reading I believe that you are.

What I ask you to do next will take a little faith and some sincerity for it to work for you.  Don’t let lack of ambition stand in your way of effecting change in your life, this will work but you have to do it to find out.

First go and find a mirror, any mirror will do. Set it in front of you or stand in front of it. (I know what this sounds like but just humor me, no one knows you are doing this you are alone so what do you have to lose.) Relax, smile and look at the person in the mirror. Do you like that person, of course you do.

Faith and Sincerity

Have faith that you can find your dream job

Have Faith in yourself, you can be anything you put your mind into.

Now without moving from in front of the mirror close your eyes. Start thinking about being at work, envision it in your mind. See yourself in that office or uniform, feel the smells of the place, see that peer that you work with you just can’t stand anymore, think about what you want to say to that person about how angry they make you.

Next comes your boss, they are an idiot right? Visualize yourself as they come into your area, hear what they say to you, allow your feelings run where they may, really create a great mental picture of it. Feel yourself wanting out of that place and heading to your car to go home. Creating the best mental picture you can of yourself driving home and feeling all of the frustration that the day’s work has placed on you. Hold on to those feelings and open your eyes.

Still like what you see? Would you hire this angry, frustrated, beaten and defeated person? I am betting that you wouldn’t even give them an interview.

The first time I did this with faith and sincerity what I saw when I opened my eyes was a person that I would be afraid to even talk to let alone offer a job to. So if you didn’t put the effort in here, go back and do it again, but this time really put your emotions into it, visualize it like a video in your head and create a mental picture,  because I want to you to see what it is that other people see in you when you are at work.

The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like, I think you know that. You are a lot like your friends aren’t you? What kind of people are they?  Do they lack ambition to change? It is because you are like them you hang out with them and do things with them. You will be like whoever you spend the most time with, if that is negativity then you will be negative.  If your friends don’t have any ambition then you won’t have any ambition.  Following that train of thought what do you think all of that negative anger and laziness attracts? Yeah that’s right, it attracts it’s like, negative anger and indifference. From your boss, your peers, from your customers and from your friends.

The Law Of Attraction is how you will find your dream job

You attract what you are to you

Am I saying that you are to blame for the situation at work? Yes, that is exactly what I am telling. You are allowing your negative emotions to control you and therefore your negative reactions to people that you have contact with are bringing negative reactions out in them towards you.  Only you should control you, not your emotions but your will to overcome your emotions and embrace the power of knowing that you control how you will act in any given situation.

Ready to stand in front of the mirror again?

Good, this time we will start the same, breathe, smile and like the person in the mirror. Now envision your dream job. Complete the mental picture and give it a life, see it, be in it, the smells, the sounds, your thoughts and see the people you will work with;  see the kind of boss you will have and see how your customers receive you.  Give it every detail that you can, play it like a video in your head, the more details that it has the better you will feel about it. Imagine that you already have this job, its yours, you earned it and now you are living it.   Now open your eyes.
Do you see the difference between this person and the negative, depressed and beaten person? Hold on to this person. That person will get your dream job for you.
Stand in front of the mirror every day and do this before you leave for work and again when you get home.  Start giving yourself a positive makeover.  See yourself leaving for your dream job, imagine that you already have your dream job. Think about your dream job while you are on your way to work, think about your dream job while you are doing your job, give your dream job a name, keep the vision of your dream job on the front of your mind always.


If you dream about it you can have it, focus on how to find your dream job and it will become a reality

Believe in yourself

In order to get that dream job you will have to practice how to get it and how to keep it. Practice like you would for any competitive event, over and over again until you can do it in your sleep. This won’t come easy, but with practice it gets easier and easier.
Soon you will start to see differences. Your peers at work will be different, not so annoying but actually pleasant to be around and even friendly. Your boss will transform into a person that you actually respect and maybe even admire for his efforts. Your customers will notice that you are a different person and will engage you with conversation that is interesting and friendly.
All of that is great, but it doesn’t get you the dream job right? You know who will notice the change in you the most? The person or persons that can put you on that track to get that dream job. They may even be the one that holds the keys to that dream job, you see you never know where that opportunity will come from. You wouldn’t have been able to see that opportunity in the mindset that you were in just a short while ago.
Like attracts like, negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. If you want that dream job, the first thing you will have to change is you. As soon as you possess the qualities needed to have that dream job it will find you.  Rid yourself of that negative body suit that you have been wearing and clothe yourself in a nice new suit of positive energy.


This is just the beginning of the transformation that will help you get that dream job and keep it. Come back, there will be more blog entries advising you how to get that dream job and more. I hope that this has brought you some success in the arena of personal achievement and success. After all, it is your success that we are after, your success is our success.
You have just finished the introduction to a seventeen part series that I will be posting on my website. Please return every week for more insights on –


The first part of a seventeen part series on How to get your dream job is completed.  Click here Find Your Dream Job – A Well Defined Goal and read how to get your dream job.

I am always at your service,


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