Education Matters For The Self Employed

TRAIN YOUR MIND TO USE WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL Hello everyone San here, “I learned something new today”, is what I want to say each and every day.  Why?  Because education matters no matter what you are doing. Now I bet you are thinking I am talking about formal education in the classic sense like finishing[…]

Exercising and Eating for success

Diet and Exercise, How important is it? Hello everyone San here again, Today’s topic is one that the First Lady Michelle Obama has been a champion of since she first became our First Lady. She has taken on the obesity challenge and has challenged the entire population of the United States to exercise and eat properly.[…]

Find Your Dream Job-Stop daydreaming about it and go get it!

HOW TO GET THAT DREAM JOB & KEEP IT Hello everyone San here, You are sitting at your desk at work, or maybe school, daydreaming about being somewhere else, with your finger on the button of the mouse to minimize the window before the boss or the teacher comes by. You are more interested in what[…]


A LESSON IN HUMILITY Hello everyone Sanford Here,   The dictionary defines humility as a modest opinion of one’s own importance, I recently received a lesson in humility taught to me by the most unmerciful of teachers that one can think of – THE OCEAN. What the ocean taught me was that I was as[…]

What Is The Best Keyword Tool – Find Those Great Keywords

WHAT IS THE BEST KEYWORD TOOL?     Hello everyone, Sanford here again, bringing you more brilliant ways to work for yourself. Just what is all the hustle and bustle about keywords these days and what is the best keyword tool? Everything is hashtag this or keyword that. More and more we are heading into a[…]

Self Employed = Awesome

San here again, Greetings to all, it is my sincerest hope that has you are reading this that you are having the most wonderful of days.  The title of my writing today just says it all, but I want to get into the why?  Why should you want to be self employed.  There are several[…]

Work from anywhere? You betcha!!

YOU REALLY CAN WORK FROM ANYWHERE   Hello everyone, Sanford here,   There is nothing quite like working for yourself. It is a combination of “Oh My God, what am I doing!” and “Yeah, freedom!” I have recently relocated for a few months so that I could experience life through the eyes of those that[…]